Approaching Your Fiance for a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are an important tool for entering into a wedding. While this document doesn’t always end up being well received and can cause some trouble in paradise, there are things you can do to make it easier. When approaching the prenuptial agreement it is important to present it as a positive option for the marriage.

This begins by looking at the document in a different manner. Despite the belief that these documents are strictly for marriages that are doomed from the start, most couples who sign them understand that these documents are more of a safeguard for both sides in the event something does go wrong. In many cases, they will offer more protection than people realize.

State Divorce Laws

When they aren’t signed, there are also state divorce laws that can in to place. The unfortunate truth is, in states like California, the laws are confusing and with a prenuptial agreement all aspects of the divorce are covered up front and can be easily worked out by an Orange County divorce attorney, if you are in the area. That will allow you to create an agreement that can be reached when you are on the best of terms, rather than fighting for years later on.

Approaching your fiance for the prenuptial agreement will be tricky. You need to look at things from her perspective and slowly work it into the conversation. While presenting it, continue to focus on the person’s needs, concerns and future challenges that create a situation where they will be taken care of if the marriage doesn’t last. Although, the ultimate goal is to never need this document.

More often than not, this conversation is one that helps to strengthen the relationship prior to a marriage. You cover a difficult aspect of marriage and open an honest line of communication. This helps you to put each other’s mind at ease and can give you more of a foundation to build a loving relationship closer together in the long run.

Once your fiance has agreed to discuss this, sit down with a mediator or a professional who helps to ensure that the document is accurate. Then each party should have an individual lawyer look over the document and ensure that their best interests are being met. If there are any concerns, they should be addressed at this time. After the document is filed, they tend to be set in stone.

Communicate Honestly

At all times, there should be honesty and communication in this deal. When she doesn’t feel like there is any kind of deception going on, she will most likely be more willing to go in and to sign the prenuptial agreement with you. You need to keep her informed as a partner in the process and explain how it will help her in the long run too, by offering her a solution if the unthinkable happens, while reassuring her that you intend on keeping her for partner for life.

While the prenuptial agreement is a very sensitive topic it is one that will help to simplify things during the marriage. Despite the fact that you are in wedded bliss right now doesn’t mean that something won’t happen later on. If marriages were always forever and divorce wasn’t something that happened, then prenuptial agreements wouldn’t be a necessity. Since they do, having one on hand is just protection should something happen in the marriage and a service of a divorce attorney Orange County is needed.

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